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Yes! Ginseng


Dive into a game of 35 iconic night market snacks and wacky Taiwanese twists! Experience the ups and downs of running a stall, from pesky bugs to cheeky gangster moves. Outwit your pals, claim victory, and let's face it - you'll leave hungrier than you started!

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The Grand Banquet


Discover Taiwanese cuisine through books and games! Dive into 42 mouth-watering dishes and 6 wild culture cards, inspired by a beloved European board game. Race to piece together seven different feasts, each with six dishes. Outsmart others, collect the most banquet sets, and taste victory!

What a Sweet Life


Got what it takes to run a Taiwanese drink shop? Maintain a steady number of cards on the table, featuring 7 classic Taiwanese desserts and 3 special cards: 'Extra Ice', 'More Sugar', and 'Special Mix'. Retrieve your dessert cards and whoever collects them all first wins. But as the game heats up, watch out for the table to 'freeze over'!




Explore and Embrace.

Unveiling Taiwan's diverse bites through playful fun! For our Southeast Asian pals with intricate religious backgrounds, recognizing unfamiliar food ingredients is crucial. 'Night Market Ginseng' board game – a delightful dive into this rich culinary world!



Speak, Read, Conquered

Curious about the secret recipes of Taiwanese snacks? Unveil the mystery with our card game! With beautiful and fun designs loved by kids and tourists alike, learn Mandarin or Taiwanese through phonetic annotations on cards. Munch, play, and dive deep into a game packed with fun and knowledge!



Mini games, Mega Joy!

Scared of board games being a 'time-sucker' or 'brain-twister'? We got you! Our game is crafted to be super intuitive and easy, even for our non-Chinese speaking buddies. Even if rules aren’t your thing, our visual design ensures a smooth and fun gaming experience!



More dishes coming up!

Flashback to our jittery debut on the crowdfunding scene! Fast forward five years, and our game's had a blast with you all. We've tweaked it a tad and thrown in a sweet twist: the "Sweet Ginseng" card! Our once-savory "Bento" now hosts a snack party!



Perfect gift for you pals!

Grab your pineapple cake and dive into a cultural board game showdown! From kids in Taiwan to friends worldwide, enjoy the taste of Taiwanese delicacies while embracing cultural wonders. Who said board games are niche? When they bridge the world, every round is a captivating cultural journey!



New Japanese gamebook

"Yes! Ginseng" now with a Japanese guidebook! For our Japan-loving friends to join the fun. Feel our dedication. It's not just a game, but a key to Taiwan's rich culture for the world.


"Who said you can't play with food! All kinds of local Taiwanese snacks, from the dining table to the card table, although they have no taste and can't be eaten, but after a game, the satisfaction you get is the same~" 

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